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"One of the best projects I've ever been involved in" - Engineer for Scentre Group





the challenge

Parramatta is the largest shopping centre in Westfield’s NSW portfolio. Despite its prominence, the centre was a poor energy performer & we were tasked with finding ways to reduce energy use and provide carbon savings. The centre had been expanded over the years and contained a number of legacy systems that were potential failure points. There was a desire to address these during the project, with the added challenge of upgrading the centre whilst it continued to trade with a tight timeline to complete the project prior to the Christmas rush.

The solution

We replaced the shopping centres BMS, upgraded the control strategy and installed energy efficiency devices such as VSDs as well as additional control sensors. The system was then tuned and optimised over a period of 12 months to ensure that it continued to operate at peak efficiency during all seasons.

During the project we formed a tight working relationship with all key stakeholders on the clients side, including the site facilities team, engineering team, projects team, operations team and IT. The project was rolled out in stages, and adapted as lessons were learnt during each stage of the execution. This high degree of collaboration and flexibility ensured that the project was kept to the strict schedule whilst resulting in minimal impact to the existing shopping centres operations.

The results

The project was finished on time and exceeded the energy savings targets set out. The client’s engineering lead commented that this was the best project they had ever been involved with.