How we reduced a shopping centres energy electricity consumption by 19%

mt druitt


PROJECT TYPE: Data Driven commissioning


the challenge

Bringing controls and data insights to an older building via a BMS upgrade can surface many previously unknown issues.
As this data is so heavily relied upon for defect & tuning decisions, it is critical to validate the data coming in prior to making any changes.
Making changes based on erroneous data can result in poor outcomes despite a BMS upgrade so data validation is critical.

The solution

Replace the shopping centre BMS and connect a data analytics platform allowing greater control and observations of the site and key energy users.
The data feeding into the analytic platform was validated and point to point tested prior to acting on any defect and tuning opportunities.

The results

The quality of the data resulted in well informed decision making and significant improvements to the building performance. Stakeholders were pleased with the final outcomes, and the key statistics speak for themselves.