How we can manage to achieve energy saving goals while dealing with multiple challenges

Copper Gold Mine NSW


Industry: MINING

the challenge

This mine runs 24/7 and uses all the available electricity to its full capacity. As the mine expands and increases it’s production, the energy demand increases. The company has also committed to carbon reduction target by 2030 which will impact energy supply, energy efficiency and mobile plant primarily. What steps can be taken in the short term and what impact will this have on the over decarbonisation targets?

The solution

Through a complimentary onsite assessment our engineering team identified:

  • 3 project opportunities around mine ventilation, pump systems & blower systems
  • 2 monitoring & research opportunities for compressed air & portable plant electrification
  • 1 monitoring opportunity – fuel used by equipment across the site
  • 1 data analytics opportunity – modelling sub-systems and ware rates

Implementing our data analytics platform allows our solution engineers to show which opportunities have the best financial benefit for the client and take the next step to implementation. Using our platform, the glidepath to net zero will be calculated using the incremental steps needed to get there.