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How we reduced NSW second largest commercial building energy usage by an additional 13%

6 & 8


PROJECT TYPE: data driving commissioning


the challenge

6&8 Parramatta square is the largest commercial building by Nett Lettable Area and the second tallest office tower in NSW putting our systems and processes to the test at scale.

Due to its size, the building was commissioned in 2 phases, creating challenges for monitoring and reporting on energy, thermal comfort and water performance dynamically as new levels are commissioned and new tenants move in.

A dynamic 20,000 points list from the BMS into the data analytics platform certainly has its challenges.

The solution

Clear lines of communication between stakeholders as well as specific live dashboards for water and energy consumption by equipment type enabled stakeholders to drill down the the root cause of any problems encountered.

Monthly reporting offered consistent insights into the buildings performance over time and highlighted any areas of concern before any issues could grow out of control.

The results

The building is currently tracking energy & water consumption better than the original targets.