How the implementation of CoolPlanet OS achieved energy savings due to the correct shutdown of equipment when not required

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the challenge

One of the key challenges at this site was falling short of the target savings for natural gas use. Despite considerable upgrades to insulation throughout the ailing infrastructure it was discovered that due to the condition and control of the ageing condensate system, all energy saved from radiant losses was instead being lost to flash steam losses in the condensate returns system.

The solution

With only limited time to deliver on savings in order to meet the terms of government funding, Climatech Zero pivoted swiftly, diving deep into the steam system and developing a heat recovery system to avoid the flash steam losses.

The results

Climatech Zero successfully designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the additional scope, at no additional cost to the customer. We also renegotiated the funding contract with the NSW government, building on the fact that the added scope delivered even more savings than the original project was meant to.